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1 million km
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Hello world

First post.. Hello World 👋

I needed a new hobby after my last hobby turned into work.

Have bought myself a new road bike which I want to train on. Because I want to do triathlons. Already started with swim training 6 months ago.

Also signed myself up for the Nijmeegse 4 daagse. Which is an event in the Netherlands where thousands of people challenge themselves to walk 4 days in a row a certain distance.

So 4 days 50 km per day. I needed to train walking long distances. Also noticed that I like walking long distances.

All the training means covering long distances. That is why I came up with 1 million km.

My goal is to maybe reach 1.000.000 km by swimming, walking, hiking, cycling, and whatever mode of sport which uses muscle power to move yourself forward.

I will post a weekly update with how many kilometers I covered that week.

Also routes, events, and other ramblings will be covered on this website.